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Marshal Division 

The Reno Municipal Court Marshal Division supports the judicial process by strengthening the integrity of the criminal justice system.  This is accomplished by ensuring that each offender is held accountable for their actions while at the same time being encouraged to rehabilitate.  The combination of knowledge, training and experience are all integral components of the solid team that is the Reno Municipal Court Marshal Division.

Kết quả xổ số miền bắc thứ 2The mission of the Reno Municipal Court Marshal Division is to maintain the trust and confidence of our community by investing all available resources into court security, adult probation and fugitive apprehension.  Marshals are peace officers as defined by Nevada Revised Statute 289.150.  The NRS also provides for special jurisdiction, which gives the Marshal Division the ability to serve warrants across the state of Nevada and arrest on new charges.

Kết quả xổ số miền bắc thứ 2The Marshal Division is responsible for the apprehension, arrest and custody of defendants sought on arrest warrants issued by Reno Municipal Court Judges.  The Marshals may arrest wanted persons on a wide variety of warrants, including misdemeanors and felonies, out of other courts and jurisdictions.  The primary responsibility is warrant service; however, if the person they are arresting commits a crime in their presence, they will arrest on the new charge.  The Marshal Division works with other law enforcement agencies for domestic violence round ups as well as extraditions from outlying areas.  They assist with the Warrant Amnesty Program sponsored by the Reno Municipal Court.  The Marshals serve court-related paperwork which includes summonses, subpoenas, complaints, order to show cause orders and temporary protection orders.  The Marshals have an anonymous Warrant Hotline. If you know someone that has an outstanding warrant and you would like to provide information regarding the whereabouts of the individual, please call (775) 326-5101.  If you wish, you may remain anonymous.  All calls are strictly confidential.

Court Operations Unit (COU):

Kết quả xổ số miền bắc thứ 2The COU is charged with the safety and security of the judges, employees and public in the courtrooms as well as the entire facility and the courthouse perimeter.  These Marshals maintain order during court sessions, maintain custody of defendants awaiting trial and transport prisoners in custody to and from the Washoe County Detention Facility.  COU Marshals also remand persons into custody during court proceedings at the direction of the judges. The COU Marshals are responsible for monitoring defendants that are placed on suspended sentences and ordered to complete certain programs within a specified period of time.  COU Marshals issue affidavits for arrest warrants when defendants fail to complete or abide by their court-ordered requirements.  The COU Marshals also assist other local law enforcement agencies during emergencies or evacuations in the surrounding areas of the Mills Lane Justice Center.

Alternative Sentencing Unit (ASU):

Kết quả xổ số miền bắc thứ 2 The purpose of ASU is to ensure that the proper level of supervision is provided to defendants who require more intensive monitoring and who are participants in one of the court’s specialty court programs.  ASU’s therapeutic supervisory protocol includes random drug and alcohol testing, home visits, electronic monitoring, breath interlock devices and other special services.  ASU Marshals are required to document and report new crimes committed, relapses or non-compliance issues.  These reports may include recommendations such as community service, short-term incarceration, revocation of the suspended sentence or termination from the specialty court program.  Alternatively, the ASU Marshals will recognize progress in a defendant’s recovery environment, lifestyle choices and success in community reintegration by nominating the defendant for a weekly/monthly incentive.  ASU Marshals are dedicated to the prevention of recidivism, intense supervision and cognitive behavioral programming that contributes to the defendant’s success.


 Marshal Group Photo December 2019

Reno Marshal Division Contact Information

 Title  Name  Phone Number
Chief Marshal G. Deighton 775-334-2542
Marshal Sergeant M. Stone 775-334-3087
Marshal J. Lopez-Torres 775-334-2290
Marshal J. Harley 775-334-3828
Marshal R. Little 775-334-3090
Marshal R. Baltierra 775-334-3820
Marshal S. Coppa 775-326-3088
Marshal K. Rush 775-326-6679
Marshal K. Vine 775-334-2596


 A. Borkowski  775-334-3091
Marshal  L. Varela  775-334-1254
Marshal  D. Obregon  775-334-2294